Your Message Will Run Simultaneously On All 25 Video Walls.

Your message will be prominently displayed on one 16.8' x 9.4' video wall, two 13.4' x 7.6' video walls, and two 6'8" x 3.9' video walls, located above all primary passageways within the baggage claim areas of McCarran International Airport's Domestic Terminal 1.

These audiovisual displays are highly visible from the second-level concourse making it possible for both visitors and locals to see and hear your message as they walk to gates, elevators and shops. Additionally, you are ensured valuable exposure on three 7' x 5' audiovisual displays in the baggage claim area of McCarran International Airport's Charter Terminal 2.

VidiAd's sophisticated video system produces high-resolution images that are projected simultaneously on each of the seven audiovisual displays.

State-of-the-art speaker systems enhance imaging by delivering the ultimate in sound reproduction. Noise sensors adjust volume levels to ambient background sound. VidiAd's message loop reaches a constantly changing audience while incoming passengers spend an approximate forty minutes in the baggage claim areas.

Visit our showroom to view actual video clips of VidiAd commercials.

Redefine your advertising expectations!

Lights, camera, ACTION... and you're rolling with VidiAd! Reserve your space and dazzle Las Vegas with your advertising message. Your commercial will air in an approximate 30-minute loop simultaneously on all the audiovisual displays 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

25 Screens. One Network.

Tailored To Fit Your Needs